About Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy & Birthing

“I don’t know why I didn’t do yoga during my first pregnancy, but just didn’t realise how beneficial it would be.” M.G. Gloucestershire

Yoga for pregnancy classes are suitable for all, even if you have no Yoga experience. Yoga practice during pregnancy brings physical and emotional strength, calm and relaxation, helping to strengthen and open your body to prepare and sustain you for the birth of your baby. The practice will also reduce various symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, tiredness, aches and pains. Yoga in pregnancy helps bring a deeper link and bonding with your baby.

“Your classes helped me more than I could have imagined.” A.C. Gloucestershire

Emphasis is placed on the power of the breath combined with adapted Yoga postures which focuses the mind, developing a powerful skill to enable you to tune into your body and consciously relax and open during the birth of your baby. This will help to reduce pain and anxiety during labour.

It is all to easy to over-extend the body in pregnancy. The loosening of the joints and ligaments, through the increase in the secretion of the hormone relaxin, makes the body more vulnerable to strain and injury.

Thus Yoga practice needs skilful adaptation to protect you physically, and a meditative and nurturing attitude to support you psychologically and emotionally.