Pregnancy Yoga – More Information

What do I need for a Pregnancy Yoga Lesson?

Pregnant Woman on Yoga Ball

Loose comfortable clothing is advised (no skirts), and you will be asked to leave your shoes outside the yoga room.

Although it is advisable not to eat too much before the class, a light snack is fine.

You will need to bring a yoga mat and a birthing ball which will be invaluable support throughout your pregnancy and during birthing.

“Spending most of my labour up and active, or on my birthing ball, with the breathing techniques, certainly saw me through it all.” M.M. Cheltenham

You will be shown how to use it to gain most benefit during the class and at home. It will strengthen your core, support your pelvis, help those minor aches and pains and encourage optimal foetal positioning.

The ball will therefore need to be of high quality and anti burst to give optimal support and safety.

For most people a 65cm ball will be fine, though if you are over 5’8″ you might prefer a 75cm ball. A good quality ball should cost around £20. Cheaper balls are often too thin and just will not provide the required support.

“I can’t thank you enough for all the sessions and advice and although it was a very quick labour, I felt very relaxed throughout.” J.H. North Cotswolds

We recommend the Birthease ball which you can buy from Make sure that you buy the original lilac coloured birthease ball as shown, and NOT the lower quality ‘natural birth and fitness ball’.

You will need to inflate the ball so that it is firm when you sit on it, whith your hips higher than your knees. It can take a few days to inflate to the desired size as it may need to soften up in a warmer atmosphere.

Do call or text if you would like more information or you have any questions about Yoga for your pregnancy. It is often easier to chat informally, so there will be no obligation. 07980 091 487